Teams per University

Each University can enrol a maximum of three teams per year. Only for this year NO FEES will apply.

Build a team

The competition is open to final year undergraduate students and postgraduate students only. You and your colleagues can build a team which can comprise 3 or 4 people. Your team cannot change after submitting the proposal.

The proposal

Student teams will be shortlisted to pitch to the consultancy based on a written proposal. Submissions should be up to 1200 words, and should identify the students and their university and degree course on the cover sheet, but not on the subsequent pages of the proposal. (The judging panel will review anonymous submissions).

In the written proposal, you should outline your analysis of the issue or problem, based on your research into the organisation and its situation. (Please note: we use real organisations to make this a realistic challenge, but students are not allowed to approach the organisation or the sponsoring consultancy directly for help answering questions about the brief. Any direct approaches will disqualify your proposal). Any clarifications or explanations needed in response to questions will be provided openly for all contestants on the Amilla website.

In your proposal, you should outline the next steps you would take to develop your ideas to pitch stage if selected. You can also identify any specific expertise the team members have in this sector or PR specialism (but without identifying individuals or universities as the proposals are assessed anonymously).

Please note that at this stage you are being assessed on your understanding of the issue or problem, not on your creative ideas.

Assessment criteria:

  • Understanding of the brief (and its limitations)
  • Evidence of research and analysis of the client, the issue or problem, and the wider context
  • Understanding of the power – and limitations – of public relations in helping solve this issue or problem
  • Potential for proposal to be developed into an interesting and creative pitch
  • Relevant credentials and expertise of team members
  • Professional writing and document presentation

The pitch

Up to six teams will be selected to prepare pitch presentations to the judging team of PR practitioners. Each team will have a maximum of 30 minutes (so should plan to talk for less than this to allow for questions and discussion).

Pitch presentations can use any suitable technology (or none) – and should be prepared for delivery to a small judging panel. A handout is useful to help the judging panel remember the highlights of each pitch presentation.

A winning pitch will:

  • Address the problem or issue identified in the brief and explored in the proposal
  • Provide creative and credible public relations solutions to the problem or issue
  • Understand the limitations of time and budget resources
  • Be delivered in a persuasive and professional manner
  • Be able to adapt to the environment and respond well to questions and interruptions

We hope that all team members will be able to attend if selected to pitch, but not all team members are required to deliver the presentation (the minimum team size is 2 people).


Besides having the opportunity to pitch for Grayling in London and become the team to win the first National PR competition for students (!) Grayling will be offering a fortnight’s work experience opportunity to all members of the winning team. Grayling will also offer the opportunity for one-on-one career coaching with a Director for each member of the winning team.